A: Yes! We begin with raw materials like brass and stainless steel and use CNC machinery along with manual craftsmanship to manufacture and assemble all of our RF connectors, microwave connectors and adapters. We can provide certificates of origin and other source documentation upon request.

A: Our connectors are manufactured and assembled at our facility located in Edinburgh, Indiana, USA.

A: Our company was founded in 1985, and we’ve focused on manufacturing RF connectors and adapters since the beginning! Learn more about our history here.

A: Yes, our connectors meet each of those certifications / requirements.

A: Yes, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified and we have a process in place to maintain our certification through annual external audits and ongoing process improvement efforts.

A: It depends on our current component stock levels.  We often have enough inventory on hand to make as little as 1 piece for our customers.  If we do not have a large inventory, we have a very low minimum (approximately 25 pieces) dependent on the type of connector you require.

A: Yes, we can usually accommodate blanket orders with releases up to one year after the order date.  Releases can be with scheduled deliveries or with releases as needed by customers.

A: Yes, we accept credit card payments using Visa and Mastercard.  Net30 terms can be established upon request and with approved credit.

A: We have an extensive library of over 5,500 connector and adapter designs. Although we do not currently have a catalog we can easily and quickly determine if we have a design that meets your requirements. View our types of RF connectors or contact us to discuss your needs.

A: Yes, since we are a make-to-order facility, with our own engineering department and our own manufacturing equipment, we can usually make custom RF connectors and adapters to your exact specifications to perfectly fit your applications.

A: Absolutely! We often help our customers with this supply challenge. We do not obsolete any of our connector or adapter designs.

A: If we have all of the necessary components on-hand for your order, we can typically ship an order in 1-2 weeks. If we need to manufacture components for your order, we typically quote deliveries in 10 weeks. A small number of designs, such as hermetic seals and a small number of specialized connectors, may require additional manufacturing and assembly time.

A: YES! Over the last few years we’ve shipped over 99.5% of our orders early or on-time. We treat customer due dates seriously; we understand that receiving what you’ve ordered on-time is critical to your supply chain needs and your own customer commitments.

A: We will do our best to get parts to you as quickly as we can.  With almost all manufacturing processes completed at our facility, we have more control over expediting what you need. When you call us to ask for something, a person answers the phone and you get to speak to someone who works less than 200 feet from the individuals who are manufacturing components and assembling your order, so we are able to quickly and clearly communicate customer needs and requests to our entire manufacturing organization.

A: Yes, most of our designs can be made using non-ferrous metals. We have existing designs for many non-ferrous connectors and adapters and most of our other designs can accommodate that requirement of needed.

A: Please call us at 812.526.8801. Our sales and customer service staff have extensive experience helping our customers with these challenges every day. What is unusual or difficult for most others is what we do every single day.