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Custom Connector and Adapter Customers

We design and manufacture standard and non-standard RF + Microwave connectors and adapters for OEMs, Distributors, Brokers, and Private Label Distributors. Our standard and custom connectors are utilized by OEMs in the Aerospace, Telecommunications, Military, Testing / RF / Microwave Component, and Medical Equipment industries. Our technical staff has experience collaborating on unique designs with Purchasing Managers, Engineers and Researchers, and Technical Representatives looking for custom, quality solutions with quick delivery timelines.

Custom Connector & Adapter Customers | OEMs, Distributors, Brokers & Private Label Distributors

Flexible, Quick, Quality Standard and Custom Connector Solutions for Our Customers

Original Equipment Manufacturers - We have a long history of providing high-quality, competitively priced components for OEMs. Flexible ordering options and fast delivery are essential to our OEM customers to ensure they have the necessary components available. We have created various consignment inventory models and blanket order programs to help our OEM customers better manage their supply chain.

Distributors - We manufacture and package standard, non-standard, and hard-to-find components quickly and according to strict quality standards to meet customer specifications and project needs. Our in-house manufacturing allows flexibility in terms of producing marked or unmarked RF connector and adapter components.

Brokers - Customer demand fluctuates. As an original component manufacturer, we offer full customization and flexibility for ordering small quantities of components for our customers and their end-users. Quick delivery timelines and quality parts are essential to remaining competitive in the RF connector and adapter market. We manufacture all parts in the U.S.A. and can deliver most parts within 10 weeks, and sometimes sooner based on our extensive component inventory.

Private Label Distributors - Our team of engineers work closely with customers to identify product and component needs. We provide solutions for customers looking for unique RF connectors and components that meet specific fit and product quality parameters. We can help distributors quickly launch a robust assortment of connectors and adapters. We have the capability to fully integrate private label (or "white label") branding requirements.

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  • East Coast Microwave

    “Connectronics is a unique gem in the RF connector world. They are one of the few companies that will design and manufacture practically ANY RF connector, AND in any quantity – from just a few to several thousand. If you need something different, something unique, something obsolete, Connectronics could be the answer to your RF connector prayers.”

  • SSI Cable

    “Connectronics has been a top tier supplier for SSI Cable Corporation and instrumental in our growth. Product is exceptional as a rule and any discrepancies that do occur are taken care of in an expeditious manner. I strongly recommend them as a supplier.”

  • JFW Industries

    “Dealing with Connectronics is hassle free. Responsive inside sales team. Parts delivered on time. One of our favorite companies to work with.”

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