Enrique Morales


Megan Morales

Vice President

Robyn Curry

Sales & Customer Service Manager

Jeremy Reese

Quality & Process

Improvement Manager

Danny Zellars Jr.

Engineering Manager

Stan Waterman Jr.

Purchasing Manager

Teresa Burris

Assembly Supervisor

Jason Payne

Manufacturing Supervisor

Beth Barker

Inspection Supervisor

  • Connectronics

    Why Connectronics?

    What is considered odd, obsolete, and difficult for others is a normal, everyday order for us. We offer flexible ordering options and quick turnaround times.

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    News & Blog

    Read about recent updates on developments, innovations, and news related to the RF connector and adapter industry. Check back regularly to stay on top of advancements.

  • Customers


    Connectronics has been an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of standard RF connectors, custom RF connectors, RF adapters and microwave connectors.

  • Customers


    We design and manufacture standard and non-standard RF + Microwave connectors and adapters for OEMs, Distributors, Brokers, and Private Label Distributors.

  • History


    Since 1985, our company has been focused on being the premier U.S.-based RF connector and adapter manufacturer, specializing in custom and hard-to-find components.