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February 22 2019

Don’t settle for slow delivery schedules and broken promises!

At Connectronics, Inc., our quoted delivery date is a promise to our customers, and we take that promise seriously. We can manufacture most designs in 10 weeks (faster in many cases if we have all of the necessary components on the shelf), right here at our manufacturing facility in Edinburgh, Indiana.

We believe that shipping a quality connector ON TIME is the ultimate measure of success.

In 2018, we shipped 99.4% of all customer orders on-time or early. We are frankly disappointed in the 0.6% that missed our customer's dock date and our entire management team reviews the root cause to discuss and plan how to prevent the issue in the future.

Are you currently frustrated by the inability to source standard or custom RF connectors and adapters and receive your order in a timely fashion? Call us today to discuss how we can streamline your supply chain and eliminate the challenges you face when your connectors don't arrive when you expect and need them!