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White Label RF Connector
August 25 2022

Connectronics Introduces White-Label RF Connectors and Microwave Components

Connectronics, Inc., an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of standard and custom RF connectors, adapters, and microwave connectors, announces its white-label (also referred to as private label) branding service.

“Our white-label service allows companies to partner with us to create their own uniquely branded RF and microwave components,” said Enrique Morales, President of Connectronics, Inc. “We closely manage the design and manufacturing of all our white label components to deliver high-quality products that our customers and end-users can trust.”

Since 1985, Connectronics has been a leading U.S. manufacturer of RF connectors and adapters. Through its white label program, Connectronics’ extensive manufacturing capabilities offer an array of customization options to help its customers expand their product line with a broad assortment of high-quality branded RF and microwave components.

Customers can choose from a comprehensive selection of RF connectors and adapters with standard and customized microwave components designed and manufactured by Connectronics. Product packaging can be fully customized to create branded, white-label components.

To ensure quality control, all privately branded components are designed and manufactured in the company’s vertically integrated Edinburgh, Indiana production facility. Each customer works closely with Connectronics’ engineering and technical sales team to save resources and development time, ensure accurate specifications, receive a fast response, and decrease lead times for all white-label products.

Learn more with the Connectronics White Label video here:

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